Abstract and Indexing

Over a Decade of Client Collaboration Affirm Our Brand of Indexing Service

MSAI’s indexing team is composed of subject matter specialists who collectively draw a unique and valuable set of indexing experience not only from various projects that the company operates, but also from their field-specific educational background obtained from prestigious universities in the country. Our team is well trained to handle both print and electronically stored articles, and has acquired significant exposure to diverse knowledge fields including engineering, physics, mathematics, information technology, computer science, food technology, business and finance, consumer health, and many more.

Among the types of indexing that MSAI provides are:

  • Keywording
  • Free Language Indexing
  • Bibliographic Indexing
  • Indexing of Books, Photos or Products
  • Controlled Indexing
  • Numerical Indexing
  • Geographical Indexing
  • Event Indexing
  • Chemical Indexing
  • Citations

In over a decade of service, MSAI’s editorial analysts have produced almost a million article abstracts from journals ranging from highly scientific medical and pharmacological publications, technical journals delving into engineering and emerging technologies, to financial and business articles. MSAI’s workforce manages electronic files either downloaded from a specified FTP site or source articles accessed from a specified website and processes them online into client- specified output format.

Among the types of abstracts that we provide are:

  • Indicative abstracts
  • Informative abstracts
  • Patent Abstracts
  • Structured Abstracts
  • Literature Appraisal and Evaluation
  • Industry-specific Scientific Abstracts

For further details please email us at: info@msaiaccess.com

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