Document Management and Processing

The paper trail ends at MSAI. When your paper stacks are transformed into digital records and claims, it spells increased efficiency. With less time spent filing, retrieving, organizing and storing volumes of information, your company gets more time to fill the bottom line!

MSAI offers services that can eliminate the need to physically store:

  • Paper of all sizes and thickness
  • Books of all sizes, including maps, plats and catalogs
  • Standard X-Rays
  • Laboratory Notebooks

How We Do It?

SCANNING. Records and documents tend to accumulate and become unmanageable unsightly stacks. When this happens, retrieval of information and the inevitable reorganization adds up to valuable hours and lost space which are better devoted to your core business goals. With MSAI scanning services, files can be digitized in preparation for a more efficient record keeping system. We are capable of scanning a broad spectrum of document types, including patient records and x-rays. We even digitize microfilm and microfiche records!

Transforming your paper or film documents to digital form offers:

  • Improved productivity
  • Fast storage and retrieval – quick access to documents/data for any member of the work team
  • Quick search for documents and/or information – as easy as punching your keyboard keys.
  • Ease in indexing and reorganizing
  • Ability to create multiple index systems for different users and projects
  • Ability to track document usage and access
  • Remote document access utilizing company intranet or the internet
  • Encryption and password protection of confidential information

ARCHIVING (Document Management System). MSAI archiving services allow you store and retrieve massive amounts of data wherever you may be in the world. 24/7. 365 days a year.

In conjunction with our scanning services, MSAI files, manages and assists you in organizing your data for easy online access or retrieval – without the additional hardware expense and training costs. It allows you to enhance client service and improve your internal processes by enabling you to make quick critical decisions, with documents virtually at your fingertips.

INDEXING. Large volumes of digital data need to be organized in a user-friendly manner. Our indexing service provides an efficient record-keeping system that adapts and evolves as your database grows. Because it’s all digital, what used to be a time-consuming data retrieval process will now be as simples punching keys. Simply put, you obtain al of the vital information right at your fingertips. Within seconds.

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