Medical Billing

Medical Billing is among the most successful of MSAI’s services. With Medical Billing, we help clients process their billing needs. Since our service is highly specialized we get our client’s reimbursement claims faster and at costs far lesser than if the client takes on the process themselves. Inevitably, we improve our client’s revenue flow. The MSAI team starts with a FREE analysis of current claims, returns, and reimbursements by viewing current and past claims. With this FREE analysis, clients may be able to determine the maximum possible rates of recovery and if claims can be fully paid. Secondary submissions, denials, and grievances are also evaluated for possible immediate reimbursement. Quality and detailed billing processes ensure a 100% reimbursement return.

With MSAI’s full support, your company gets the following:

  • A Personalized Account Executive
  • Ability to Create, Submit and Post claims within 24 hours
  • Fifteen-day (15) Follow-up Rule for all claims to ensure reimbursement
  • Coding Reviews
  • Collection and Follow-up Report
  • Eligibility Verification and Processing
  • Documentation and Credential Assistance for new providers
  • Unlimited Statements Reporting at no cost
  • A 1-800 number client support system

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