Medical Records Summary

MSAI understands the importance of providing an accurate and concise medical record summary. As a result, our team of experienced and certified professionals will create a summary that is tailored to your specific needs.

MSAI can provide you with everything you need to manage your patient records. We can help you with everything from record keeping to data entry to billing and coding. We also offer a wide range of other services, such as transcription, dictation, and office support. We are here to help you with all of your medical records needs.

Medical Summary Record Services

As a well-established medical record summary service provider, MSAI has a designed process for capturing data that follows a clear step-by-step approach. Our process comprises the following steps:

Reorganization of Medical Records

  • Data Organization – MSAI will firstly organize the hard data and convert it into soft data. This is carried out organized to guarantee that the digitization is comprehensive and meets all standards.
  • Chronology – All the patient information is then arranged in chronological order. This assists in quickly finding the needed patient information.
  • Review – MSAI will go through the data to review and interpret the patient information on behalf of the client. This principally entails discovering pertinent information.

Medical Record Indexing

MSAI will index the medical data to make it easy to go through large amounts of information. The indexing of medical records includes adequate content organization in sections and subsections, as well as suitable hyperlinking to the source document. In addition, a hyperlinked graphical presentation is included.

Patient Account Summaries

This portion of the summary procedure organizes the patient’s medical bills in the proper sequence. This focuses mostly on the billing date and the products billed. The aggregate billing costs invoiced by various suppliers are also shown graphically for convenience. Also offered is a graphical depiction of patient spending.

Separating Locations of Treatment

With this service, MSAI will help our customers in classifying treatments depending on the place where they were obtained. This allows insurers to have a comprehensive perspective of visits to healthcare providers in a certain area.

Merging Providers

If the patient receives therapy in several places, MSAI will combine all treatments and arrange them in chronological order depending on the day they were performed.

Identifying the Healthcare Practitioner

Occasionally, records may go lost. With this service, MSAI can determine the particular location and provider from whom our customers received care.

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